Heidelberg Research Center for Law, Society and Institutions (HCLSI)

The Heidelberg Research Center for Law, Society and Institutions (HCLSI) was established in July 2021 on the initiative of the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences and the Faculty of Law at Heidelberg University.

The Research Center („Forschungsstelle“) connects legal scholars, social scientists, economists, political and cultural scientists as well as psychologists from Heidelberg and other universities. They share an interest in interdisciplinary research that spans accross the disciplines of social, economic, legal and behavioral sciences. This includes, inter alia, the study of organizations and institutions, research on organizational wrongdoing or compliance and the analysis of the effectiveness of legal sanctions.

The foundation of the HCLSI corresponds with the University's ongoing thematic focus on „Self-Regulation and Regulation: Individuals and Societies“ (Field of Focus IV).

The HCLSI organises scientific events, aquires third-party funds for interdisciplinary projects and facilitates collaborative publications.

Conference: The Rule of Law in the Enforcement of EU law: Shortcomings and future standards
23-24 June 2023
IWH - Internationales Wissenschaftsforum Heidelberg

Corporate Crime and Systemic Corruption in Brazil
international workshop on the research project "Corporate Crime and Systemic Corruption" in Brazil
April 11 - 13, 2023
in Curitiba and São Paulo

OCS - Corporate Crime Stories

News from the researchers of the HCLSI

23.01.2023: Jan Schuhr, Andreas Dreuw and Robert Scheichl discuss opportunities and risks of AI in the latest episode of the Marsilius Podcast series (in German).

12.12.2022: Read an insightful post dealing with social cohesion by Stefan Trautmann on CEPR's VoxEU: "Socioeconomic status and unethical behavior: High expectations rather than poor morals".


Prof. Dr. Markus Pohlmann, Max Weber Institut für Soziologie, markus.pohlmann@mwi.uni-heidelberg.de

Office: Dr. Kristina Höly, Max Weber Institut für Soziologie, kristina.hoely@mwi.uni-heidelberg.de

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Join us

If you are interested in joining our network and your research falls within the HCLSI's area of work, please contact us at: kristina.hoely@mwi.uni-heidelberg.de

Previous activities

Photo by Ryoji Iwata, Unsplash

The HCLSI is builds upon individual collaborations of researchers before the Research Center was established in July 2021.


  • Weekly colloquium on the topic of collective wrongdoing and prevention, summer 2021
  • Project „Fighting corruption and manipulation“ (Der Kampf gegen Korruption und Manipulation), 2014–2017, funded by the Volkswagen Foundation, headed by Prof. Markus Pohlmann, Prof. Dieter Dölling, Prof. Dieter Hermann und Prof. Gerhard Dannecker
  • Project on corruption in Brazil, since 2019 (ongoing), which has resulted in several publications, including:
    • Hermann, Dieter, Markus Pohlmann & Julian Klinkhammer (2019): „Grenzen formaler Regulierung: Wie informelle Normen und kriminogene Werte die Korruptionsbereitschaft von Managern beeinflussen,“ in: Monatsschrift für Kriminologie und Strafrechtsreform 102 (2), S. 104–118. DOI: 10.1515/mks-2019-2012.

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