News from the researchers of the HCLSI

📣 23.01.2023: Jan Schuhr, Andreas Dreuw and Robert Scheichl discuss opportunities and risks of AI in the latest episode of the Marsilius Podcast series (in German).

📣 12.12.2022: Read an insightful post dealing with social cohesion by Stefan Trautmann on CEPR's VoxEU: "Socioeconomic status and unethical behavior: High expectations rather than poor morals".

📣 24.08.2022: In the first edition of the Marsilius Kolleg Podcast Series, Peter Kirsch, Hanno Kube and Reimut Zohlnhöfer discuss their inter-disciplinary research project on social self-empowerment (gesellschaftliche Selbstermächtigung).

📣 16.05.2022: Tillmann Bartsch discusses the implications of catcalling for criminal law in this presentation of a recent criminological study. See also: Gender & Crime.

📣 02.05.2022: Markus Pohlmann, Professor at the Max Weber Institute of Sociology, has been elected to join the scientific board of the German Institute for Compliance (DICO). The Institute offers a forum for national and international compliance experts from companies, associations, consultancies and science. Learn more about DICO on their website and subscribe here for their newsletter.

📣 25.04.2022: Timo Goeschl at TEDxUniHeidelberg. In case you missed this presentation: Why We Aren't Participating in Climate Change Activism?