ESG: Impact Assessment and Crime Prevention Human Rights Violations, Food Fraud, and Environmental Crime

About the Conference


On April, 24th the EU parliament approved the Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Law, moving it one step closer to formal adoption by the European Union. The CSDDD creates a legal liability for companies relating to environmental and human rights violations within their supply chain. The Workshop asks against this background, how companies deal with the new ESG regulations.

Thus, panel 1 explores the impact of ESG on company level. Does it just generate more paperwork or is it a gamechanging regulation? Panel 2 asks accordingly, how we can analyze the impact of new legislations, and how this is to be done in international comparisons. Panel 3 is taking up the question of prevention concerning food fraud, and environment protection. And panel 4 is discussing some new analytical frames and techniques to analyze the dark field of organizational wrongdoing and to foster the prevention of the misconduct inside companies. Last, but least is panel 5 introducing new research perspectives of the Heidelberg-Manchester-connection.


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23rd – 25th May 2024

Manchester University

John Owens Building

Ken Kitchen Committee Room