Previous activities

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The HCLSI is builds upon individual collaborations of researchers before the Research Center was established in July 2021.


  • Weekly colloquium on the topic of collective wrongdoing and prevention, summer 2021
  • Project „Fighting corruption and manipulation“ (Der Kampf gegen Korruption und Manipulation), 2014–2017, funded by the Volkswagen Foundation, headed by Prof. Markus Pohlmann, Prof. Dieter Dölling, Prof. Dieter Hermann und Prof. Gerhard Dannecker
  • Project on corruption in Brazil, since 2019 (ongoing), which has resulted in several publications, including:
    • Hermann, Dieter, Markus Pohlmann & Julian Klinkhammer (2019): „Grenzen formaler Regulierung: Wie informelle Normen und kriminogene Werte die Korruptionsbereitschaft von Managern beeinflussen,“ in: Monatsschrift für Kriminologie und Strafrechtsreform 102 (2), S. 104–118. DOI: 10.1515/mks-2019-2012.
  • International conference „Corporate Crime and Illegal Party Financing in a Comparative Perspective: The Role of Regulation and Self-Regulation“ (Heidelberg, 19.–21. September 2019) co-organized by i. a. Prof. Markus Pohlmann, Prof. Aurel Croissant, Prof. Gerhard Dannecker, Prof. Dieter Dölling, Prof. Dieter Herrmann, Dr. Elizangela Valarini & Prof. Reimut Zohlnhöfer
  • Conference „Herrenhäuser Symposium – Bribery, Fraud, Cheating: How to Explain and to Avoid Organizational Wrongdoing“ (Heidelberg, 5.–7. Oktober 2017)
  • Numerous publications co-authored by members of the HCLSI, who were involved in the foundation of the Research Center, e. g.:


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