Multiple Modernities

Max Weber was interested in the historical genesis of modernity from a global comparative perspective. In the European-American context, this new phase of society has prevailed. At the moment the question is no longer the genesis, but the spread of modernity in a global context. This poses a challenge to sociological theory, including Max Weber's approach. Modernization and Westernization are no longer congruent or synonymous. Existing theoretical terms, concepts and models must be reconsidered and adjusted. Max Weber's research programme must also be further developed in this respect. This is possible because he is one of the few sociological classics who developed and applied his theory in a cross-cultural -comparative way. In dealing with alternative theory offers, such as world society theories and world system theories, Professor Thomas Schwinn is working on updating Weber's research program, which will be able to cope with today's global challenges.

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Research staff

Prof. Dr. Thomas Schwinn