The Weber Paradigm


A central focus of the research area "Sociological Theory" is the explication and further development of the Weber Paradigm. This Weber Paradigm is developed in two ways:

On the one hand, the focus lies on the systematic reconstruction and explication, but also on updating and complementing central concepts and ideas of Weber's sociology. On the other hand, this paradigm is further developed by intentionally confronting it with the theoretical propositions of competing research programs - especially the systems theory (N. Luhmann), the theory of communicative action (J. Habermas), and the rational choice theory.

The Weber Paradigm is proving to be a vibrant and competitive research programme that can be linked to national and international theoretical discussions. In addition to its theoretical innovative power, the Weber Paradigm also has an outstanding analytical potential. The applications range from questions of differentiation and integration of modern societies, through the analysis of historical and current institutional constellations, to special problems of the sociology of economy, law, religion, media or political sociology.

A publication series is provided at the Max Weber Institute for publishing the results of this research, but also for works and dissertations related to the Weber Paradigm. It is published under the title "Studien zum Weber-Paradigma" (Studies on the Weber Paradigm) edited by G. Albert, A. Bienfait, S. Sigmund and M. Stachura at the VS Verlag für Sozialwissenschaften.

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