When deviance becomes the norm … – Studies on corruption in Chinese enterprises

dragons-1124668_1920Bribery within or on behalf of Chinese companies is a terra incognita of international corruption research. Against the backdrop of the recent wave of corruption cases in Chinese companies, at present this research deficit is particularly grave. It is difficult to estimate the backgrounds and impact of reforms to fight corruption by Xi Jinping, at the company level.
Are they part of political purges or a step on the way to the rule of law in China? What is really behind the corruption cases in China?

The project examines theories and empirical approaches to answer these questions, in particular the aspect of active corruption (e.g., bribery to win public procurement contracts).

See for further information: Organizational Deviance Studies





Prof. Dr. Markus Pohlmann
Prof. Dr. Gerhard Dannecker
Prof. Dr. Dieter Dölling
Prof. Dr. Dieter Hermann
Prof. Dr. Barbara Mittler

Dipl.-Soz. Yuanyuan Liu