Verena Schmid, M.A.


Max-Weber-Institut für Soziologie
Heidelberg University
Bergheimer Str. 58
69115 Heidelberg

Phone: +496221 54-11980

Office Hours: LSF

Lectures (selections)

  • 07/2019: “The so called refugee crises and the emergence of new forms of volunteering in Germany” auf ERNOP Conference in Basel, Schweiz.
  • 04/2019: “Claims-Making in the Context of the “refugee crisis” – A German-Canadian Comparison at a local scale” at the Annual Meeting der American Education Research Association in Toronto, ON, Canada.
  • 03/2019: “More or less political: Central developments of local engagement for refugees in Germany” at the ERASMUS Workshop “Understanding host society reception and integration of refugees” in Halifax, NS, Canada.
  • 12/2018: “Knowledge transfer(s) in a comparative research project on media and refugee integration” at the second Integration-CAN-D Joint Research Workshop in Heidelberg, Germany.

Research focus

  • Civil society and third sector research
  • Sociology of knowledge, memory and organizations
  • Qualitative empirical research

Research projects

Curriculum Vitae (CV)


Conducted seminars

  • Summer semester 2019
    Sociologists in practics: Sustainability assessments of the Heidelberg quarter Hasenleiser
  • Winter semester 2017/18
    Discourse analysis as a method of empirical social research
  • Winter semester 2016/17
    Qualitative methods: Case Study
  • Summer semester 2016
    Volunteering in crisis?!
  • Baden-Wuerttemberg Certificate for University Didactics (aquired 2018)