Philanthropy, giving and collecting in the Longue Durée- archives

Insights into the lecture series in the summer semester 2021 and winter semester 2021/22

Due to the pandemic, most of our discussion sessions took place online.

December 06, 2021

Lecture series with Prof. Johannes Pahlitzsch
Topic: "Foundations in Byzantium in a socio-historical perspective".

Although the third event of our lecture series was held online due to the pandemic, Prof. Dr. Pahlitzsch's contribution on foundations in Byzantium seamlessly continued the previous lecture. Comparatively, he outlined the purposes of foundations, especially with regard to their social significance. He connected foundation theory with lived practice over a long period of time. Using concrete examples, he showed that while the primary purpose was to preserve property, a central purpose was social. By establishing the foundations, the founders made possible a multitude of horizontal networks, which had the special characteristic of creating connections beyond death.

November 22, 2021

Lecture series with Prof. Dr. Michael Radich

Topic: "Perspectives on Giving and Endowments from Buddhist Studies".

To our pleasure, we were pleased to welcome our colleague Prof. Dr. Michael Radich for the second lecture this semester. As an expert in Buddhist studies, he succeeded in introducing the complex background of Buddhist endowment. He also suggested to explore the topics of "giving" and "endownments" in Buddhist studies. In his lecture he raised many questions, which afterwards led to an exciting and lively discussion with the audience. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic situation, the upcoming event will be held online again. We hope to welcome you digitally then.


October 18, 2021

Opening event of the lecture series with Prof. Dr. Michael Borgolte
Topic: "From medieval memoria research to universal historical comparison of foundations"

Our first lecture event in presence received great interest, as Prof. Dr. Michael Borgolte spoke as a proven expert of the matter on the topic: "From the medieval memoria research to the universal historical comparison of foundations". Starting from the complex origins of foundations, he traced their lines of development up to the modern foundation landscape of the 21st century. He stimulatingly reflected on his own many years of research and findings in this regard and also addressed the criticism of foundations that has flared up time and again. Following the lecture, the audience took the opportunity to elaborate on individual points and clarify questions in the discussion. We hope that we will be able to continue with the attendance format in future lectures of the lecture series.


25 February 2021
Project dialogue with the sociologist Prof. Dr. Frank Adloff from the Universität Hamburg
Topic: "Theoretical discussion about giving based on Pierre Bourdieu's critical argumentation towards authority"

1 December 2020
Virtual kick-off event of the project dialogues with a lecture by Prof. Dr. Joachim F. Quack (Egyptology)
Topic: "Religious endowments for the benefit of one's own family?"