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21st Century Philanthropy in France - A Historic Change

For the second lecture series session, we are pleased to welcome Prof. Anne-Claire Pache, Professor at the ESSEC Business School in Paris. Prof. Pache will talk to us about philanthropy in France in the 21st century.

In France, since the French Revolution of 1789 scepticism towards institutions of the dead hand predominated to say the least. At the beginning of the 21st century though, reform steps changed that picture. What has contributed to this re-appraisal and to the last approximately 15 years of dynamic philanthropic development in France? And what kind of dynamics have been sparked off by this historic change?


Anne-Claire Pache is Professor in Social Innovation and holds the Chair of Philanthropy at ESSEC Business School in Paris, France. She teaches and researches at the intersection of organizational theory and social innovation. She focuses on pluralistic environments, hybrid organizations, and scale-up processes in organizations. Within academia, she has conducted qualitative studies in social enterprise, corporate philanthropy, and private foundations. Before entering academia, she co-founded Unis-Cité. The French non-profit organization, where she still holds board positions today, pioneered non-profit youth services.


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