Stefan Bär


Contact information

PD Dr. Stefan Bär
Max-Weber-Institute of Sociology
Bergheimer Straße 58
69115 Heidelberg
Room: 02.003
Office hours: Tue 10-11am online

Phone: +(049) 6221-54 3613


About Stefan Bär

Diploma Degree (Sociology 2007), Doctorate (Dr.rer.pol. 2011) and Habilitation (2021) at Heidelberg University
since 2007 Academic & Researcher at Max-Weber-Institute of Sociology
2013-2017 Associated Member to the Cluster of Excellence "Asia and Europe in a Global Context", project A26 The Transculture of Capitalism
in SoSe 2016 Interim Professorship Organizational Sociology at Max-Weber-Institute of Sociology
in SoSe 2021 Intermin Professorship Sociology with a Focus on Organizational Sociology at Max-Weber-Institute of Sociology

Recent Publications:

BÄR, STEFAN & SEBASTIAN STARYSTACH (2021): Legitimationsprobleme der Medizin 2.0. In: Bachmann, Ulrich und Thomas Schwinn (Hrsg.): Theorie als Beruf. Festschrift für Wolfgang Schluchter. Springer VS. S. 107-122.

BÄR, STEFAN (2020): Soziologie des Krankenhauses. In: Kölner Zeitschrift für Soziologie und Sozialpsychologie. Online first 20.11.2020

KOVACEVIC, ALEXANDER, ANDREAS SIMMELBAUER, SEBASTIAN STARYSTACH, MICHAEL ELSÄSSER, ANDREAS MÜLLER, STEFAN BÄR  and MATTHIAS GORENFLO (2020): Counseling for Prenatal Congenital Heart Disease - Recommendations Based on Empirical Assessment of Counseling Success. In: Frontiers in Pediatrics, Pediatric Cardiology 8:26.

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Recent Research:

Parental Counselling after Prenatal Diagnosis of Congenital Heart Disease in cooperation with PD Dr. Alexander Kovacevic (Heidelberg University Hospital, Department of Paediatric and Congenital Cardiology) since 2016
Medical Organization Studies (MOS) Subproject: Working conditions in Hospitals since 2015
Evaluation of the Equal Opportunities Act, 2020-21




Teaching activity

Overview of courses taught at MWI until now

  • Fundamental concepts of Sociology: including Socialization as well as Social Structure and Social Change
  • Sociology of medicine: including Introduction to Sociology of Medicine, Research Seminars at BA- & MA-Level as well as courses on the subjects Burnout Syndrome and Depression
  • Sociology of organization: including several Research Seminars at MA-Level
  • Social research & methods: including Statistics (SPSS) as well as Qualitative Research Methods
  • General competencies: including Writing Workshops and the Welcome to Research Programme

Teaching in detail (in German language):