Research CSI

The CSI`s main research topics are:

  • social investment and measuring the social impact of investments on welfare
  • Foundation system, foundation strategies, strategies with a grat leverage effect
  • Civil society and social economy
  • Nonprofit leadership und social entrepreneurship
  • Governance in the Third Sector

We conduct national, international and comparative research projects with special emphasis on the European level.

With its research program the CSI contributes to:

  • the basic theoretical understanding
  • practice-oriented knowledge in the welfare-oriented sector
  • political and strategic debates

In this way, we seek to bring the issue of social investments into scientific debates and disciplines from an interdisciplinary perspective. The main disciplines - we focus on - are social and educational science, economy, law as well as ethics and theology.

Recommended reading


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Neue Technologien und soziale Innovationen
Europäische Forschungsstudie über öffentliche und private Initiativen
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