Pilot study: German prostitution policy in practice

Project description

In Germany, two comprehensive laws were implemented in order to regulate prostitution: The Prostitution Act (2002) and the Prostitute Protection Act (2017). While these laws are different in their approach, Germany’s regulation of prostitution is, generally speaking, among the most liberal in all of Europe. Still, prostitution in Germany shows a substantial hidden figure of prostitution. By conducting non-standardized interviews, we aim to learn about the main practical challenges of the legal frameworks and their day-to-day implementation. This includes identifying the key mechanisms and policy options which have an impact on the relation between visible and hidden aspects of prostitution.

The research project constitutes a pilot study which aims to further our understanding of regulatory policy in the field of prostitution; its results will inform additional research projects on this topic.

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Project team
Prof. Dr. Markus Pohlmann
Dr. Kristina Höly
Nethané Weiß
Veronica Steinweg

Project duration
October 2022–December 2022