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we, the Heidelberg Group for Organization Studies (HeiGOS), would like to offer you pointed and stimulating "Corporate Crime Stories" on a monthly basis. These stories will be drawn from the current research of our team at Heidelberg University’s Max-Weber-Institute for Sociology that is concerned with "Corporate Crime and Organizational Deviance Studies."

We will provide you with a sociological spotlight on high-profile cases of organizational crime, corruption and manipulation. As a consequence, we are less concerned with the individual offenders and their psychology. Instead, we focus on the actors’ constellations, on the incentives and opportunity structures that they face, and that eventually cause companies, hospitals, sports associations or other organizations and their personnel to leave legal tracks.

We understand our blog as a platform for an open and constructive culture of discussion. We would like to give you an entertaining, but nevertheless insightful reading, with an appropriate share of background information. Due to the provisional nature of these contributions, we do not claim to establish absolute truths. Instead, they are meant to provide a basis to develop scientifically reasonable opinions.

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Markus Pohlmann et al.

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Topics covered in OCS blog posts:

The normalization of rule breaking. Sig Sauer's illegal pistol exports to Colombia, July 28, 2023

Lucky Strike - Cigarettes for the Dictator, May 12, 2023


The Power of Informal Rules: Heckler & Koch's Arm Exports to Mexiko March 10, 2023

"Ghostly" corruption - The clear-cut in the Carpathians
February 10, 2023

When the Church Fails – Sexual Abuse and Organizational Failure in the Archdiocese of Cologne April 24, 2021

When good advice is expensive - Purdue, McKinsey and the opioid crisis in the U.S. 
February 19, 2021

Argentinean Christmas or: the chauffeur's notebooks 
December 11, 2020

Trump and the Coal Buddies – A Farewell                                                                                                   November 13, 2020

Dr. He or: How I learned to stop worrying and love the genetic engineering – China, USA and the Nobel Prize for CRISPR October 16, 2020

Medical Ghostwriting, scientific fraud and the "ghost marketing" of the pharmaceutical industry
vom 24.07.2020

Brasil and the dance on the edge of the volcano
vom 23.05.2020

Corona in China: The begining and end of a pandemic
vom 04.04.2020

A system of torture? The case of the Mexican police and investigation authorities
February 14, 2020

Stevia and the sweet life of “biopirates“
January 30, 2020

Publish and Perish? The Business of Predatory Publishers and Output Orientation in Science
December 14, 2019

Organizational Deviance and endemic corruption – Siemens and the love for Russia
November 28, 2019

Learning from Xi (Jingping) – The new “Dictator-App” in China and the digital dictatorship
Ocober 25, 2019

A challenge to democracy? Illegal Party and Campaign Financing in an international Comparison
July 19, 2019

Off-Label Marketing and its Dangerous Side Effects: How Pharmaceutical Companies Sell Drugs
for Unauthorized Purposes
May 5, 2019

Campaign financing in India: Black Money and the Sale of Offices
April 26, 2019

The Scandal behind the Scandal: Why the Church Supplied New Victims to the Abusive Priests
March 15, 2019

Gattaca in China: The Birth of the First Genetically Engineered Humans
February 8, 2019

If Nation States do not Abide by Rules or Christmas in Jamaica
December 21, 2018

Organized Crime in Pinstripes? The Tax Robbery with Cum-Ex and Cum-Cum Deals
November 23, 2018

The (Bad) Dream of Integrity and Morality – And Its Role in Companies
October 26, 2018

Brazil: The Choice between Dictatorship and Corruption
September 28, 2018

When dogs bite - The new vaccine scandal in China
August 3, 2018

The Bet that South Korea wins... - Match-Fixing and the Role of the Referee
June 29, 2018

What do the Paradise Papers reveal? - The files Apple and Appleby
June 01, 2018

North Korean Forced Labour in the EU – The Long Arm of the North Korean Dictator
May 4, 2018

Election Campaing in Brazil: A Victory for the Political Corruption?
April 06, 2018

The Problematic Past of German Corporations in Latin America
March 09, 2018

George Orwell in China – Digitization as a Method of Total Social Control
February 9, 2018

Slow Justice Is NO Justice! — Argentina’s Dysfunctional Judicial System
January 12, 2018

In Search of Lost Integrity? – Integrity Management and Compliance
December 7, 2017

The Detection of Counterfeit Cancer Drugs in Germany: Whistleblowing and its Consequences
November 10, 2017

The Rise and Fall of the Son of A Chinese Peasant Farmer Family – And What It Tells Us about China’s Anti-Corruption Campaign
October 12, 2017

Kick it like Merkel – The Diesel Summit and the Defective Institutions of Environmental Protection
September 15, 2017

Can Brazil still be saved? On the Persistence of Political Corruption in Brazil
July 27, 2017

Systematic Cheating? Germany’s Organ Transplantation Scandal Revisited
July 3, 2017

The Mafia, Volkswagen, Sports Betting and the Manipulations in Medicine – How Can One Avoid, Identify and Pursue Crime in / from Organizations?
June 2, 2017

Corruption in Korea – A Never Ending Story?
May 5, 2017

Easter Eggs and Chocolate Bunnies – Child Labour in the Chocolate Industry
April 7, 2017

Corruption in Football – FIFA, the German Football Association and Summer Fairy Tales
March 10, 2017

Can you buy off laws and politicians in Brazil? The testimonies of Brazilian top managers
February 9, 2017

Chinese managers, functionaires and their mistresses. Old symbols of power, potency and wealth in the spotlight of China’s ongoing anti-corruption campaign
January 13, 2017

The Christmas Story – A Not-always-serious Retelling from a Sociological-Criminological Perspective
December 16, 2016

Statement by the Heidelberg Group for Organization Studies (HeiGOS) on the presentation by Sérgio Moro on 9th December 2016
December 12, 2016

Lula, Moro and the Top Managers – „Operation Car Wash“ and the Fight Against Corruption in Brazil
December 1, 2016

Cling together, swing together? VW and Audi: Why companies cheat
November 2, 2016