Corporate Misconduct – How to Increase the Likelihood to Report?

Project description

This ongoing project is conducted in cooperation with partners in the corporate field who deal with the day-to-day practice of compliance measures. With this research we are looking to test the effectiveness of already existing preventive measures that aim to increase the willingness of employees to report wrongdoing. In order to achieve this goal, we work in close cooperation with a multinational company in Romania to implement a study design that utilizes factorial surveys as well as experiments.

Project aims

  • Identify which type of misconduct is more likely to be tolerated in organizations and which ways of reporting misconduct are commonly used
  • Evaluate which contexts and measures are able to increase the willingness to report misconduct

The goal is to identify specific and generalizable ways to introduce measures and to create organizational contexts that increase the likelihood of detecting crimes, even when the actions are intended to be beneficial to the organization.


Research director
Prof. Dr. Markus Pohlmann

Monika Bancsina, M.A.

Project duration
January 2022–June 2023