The Master’s program in Sociology at the University of Heidelberg is a full-time, 2-year program. Admissions to the program is restricted. The number of credit points to be acquired for the 100% major is 120 ECTS, and 20 ECTS for the 25% minor.

The degree program offers professional sociological training at advanced level, oriented by international standards. Prerequisite for the program is a successfully completed BA degree (in the social sciences) and solid methodological foundations. The core of the research-oriented program is the theoretically grounded and comparatively oriented sociological analysis of institutions. In addition to the core curriculum, which is mandatory for all students, there are several possible areas of specialization (including sociological theory, empirical macrosociology, comparative social structure analysis, political sociology, organizational sociology, cultural sociology). As part of the Master's examination, students can acquire a certificate in Sociological Organizational Development and Personnel Development, for which special requirements apply (see §21 of the examination regulations).

Students in the Sociology MA program have a variety of options for international exchange through Erasmus, 4EU+ and other mobility programs at the University of Heidelberg. Courses in English are offered regularly in the areas of empirical macrosociology and political sociology.

The MA program in sociology enables students to explore sociological issues and scientific publications in the field of sociology independently and to acquire core competencies valued across a variety of professional fields. The program prepares graduates to enter the field of sociological research and teaching by starting a doctoral degree (though, requirements for doctoral programs may vary by university). The completion of the program also enables students to work in various professional areas, such as non-academic social research, in market and opinion research, in public statistics at the municipal, state or federal level, in consulting and further education, in public planning and administration, in development cooperation, in the fields of culture, media and journalism, in associations and foundations as well as in the private sector, especially in the areas of human resources, organization and management.

All applicants must apply online.

Please address any questions about application and admission procedures directly to the relevant department of the central university administration.

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