Mario Jorge, LL.M.

 Max-Weber Sociology Institute

Heidelberg University
Bergheimer Str. 58
69115 Heidelberg

Tel.: +49 (6221) 54 2973

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Field of Work and Research

Keywords: Criminology, Criminal Law and Procedure, Compliance, Corporate Criminal Law, Socio-legal Studies

Research Projects

Organizational Crime and Systemic Corruption in Brazil (DFG-FAPESP)

(Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft – DFG Project 404991678) Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg

Our purpose is to identify and explain the emerged pattern of corporate crime and political corruption in Brazil. For this aim, official records, such as closed criminal trials produced by current and past corruption cases, as well as by illegal electoral financing in Brazil will be studied. Using a multi-level framework of institutional analysis, and a combination between quantitative and qualitative methods, we map key changes in the institutional setting of Brazil’s justice system, relating them to organizational forms of corruption on companies and political parties, as well as the mindsets of the perpetrators. From a criminal law perspective, it is relevant to understand if law infringement and the usefulness of the conduct might be an indicator that traditional, normative concepts and frameworks are outdated in its attempt to prevent corporate crime and illegal campaign financing. A contemptuous attitude of corporations and political organizations (political parties) towards law and its source - as hypertrophic and impractical rules or as legitimate protection of market fundamentals – could indicate the need for reevaluation of legislation and corporate governance framework as well as clarify the challenges to regulative sectors within organizations.

Curriculum Vitae

From 2019 - Research assistant at Ruprecht-Karls Universität Heidelberg at the Institutes for German, European and International Criminal and Procedural Law as well as the Institute for Sociology

From 2018 – PhD student at the Faculty of Law of the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin.

2016-2018 – University of Augsburg: Magister Legum (LL.M.). Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Luís Greco, LL.M., (Master's thesis on "Legal problematic of undercover investigators".

2017 – Research assistant at the Professorship for Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure Law and Economic Criminal Law at the Faculty of Law of the University of Augsburg by Prof. Dr. Luís Greco, LL.M - Course on "Criminal Law and Criminology Sciences".

2014-2016 – University of Positivo (UP) Curitiba: Specialization in Economic Criminal Law. Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Flávio Antônio da Cruz (Final Thesis: Money Laundering – Legally protected right and other relevant aspects; Overall Grade: "A".

2013-2015  – Attorney at Law at Wambier & Arruda Alvim Wambier - Law firm in Curitiba

2013 – Admission as Attorney at Law by the Brazilian Bar Association Paraná, No. 67.223

2010 – 2012 – Internship at IXVF (now XVBM) Law firm in Curitiba

2008 – 2012 – Faculty of Law of Curitiba, Bachelor Degree - Thesis on "Emendatio and mutatio libeli and their effects on criminal proceedings".

2009 – 2010 – Intern at the Appeals Court from Paraná – Brazil



  • Jorge Jr., M. H., Trombini, M., Valarini, E. (2022). Biografia e trajetória dos profissionais anticorrupção: tipologias de perfis. Revista de Ciências Sociais — Fortaleza, v. 53, n. 2, jul./out., 2022, p. 61–105, DOI: 10.36517/rcs.53.2.d03.
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Book Chapters

  • Jorge Jr., M. H. (forthcoming 2023) Compliance Implementation Challenges in the Shadow of Corporate Crime - A Case Study of Odebrecht SA, in: Valarini, Elizangela, Trombini, Maria, and Jorge, Mario (ed.). Book/Sammelband for the Final Conference of the DFG-Fapesp Project.
  • Jorge Jr., M. H. (forthcoming April 2023) Formal Rules and Institutional Increments in Brazil, in: Pohlmann et al (ed.): Organizational Crime: Causes, Explanations and Prevention in a Comparative Perspective, Springer, 9783658389598,
  • Jorge Jr., M. H., Trombini, M., Valarini, E., Pohlmann, M. (2022). A case study of corruption in Rio de Janeiro’s policy to counter COVID-19. In: Wolf, S., Graeff, P. (eds) Corona und Korruption. Springer VS, Wiesbaden.
  • Jorge, M. H. (2021) Lawyers as Enablers of Wrongdoing: Challenges Faced by Democracies Regarding Corruption and Money Laundering. In: Valarini E., Pohlmann M., Mitra S. (eds) Political Corruption and Organizational Crime. Organization, Management and Crime - Organisation, Management und Kriminalität. Springer VS, Wiesbaden.
  • Jorge Jr., M. H., Hauck, L., Trombini, M., Liu, Y. (2020). Democracy, Development, and Security: Looking East to understand the Indo-Pacific, Consortium of South Asian Think Tanks (COSATT), Security and Economic Challenge in the Indo-Pacific, Kathmandu, pp. 173-182.

Papers presented at Conferences, Seminars and Workshops

  • Trombini, M., Jorge Jr., M. H. (2021). A Mixed Methods approach to investigate and measure legal corruption in Brazil (Working Paper presented at Academia Against Corruption 2021).
  • Valarini, E., Trombini, M. E., Jorge Jr., M. H. (2021). The anti-corruption fight as seen by law enforcers: learning, training and collective mindset (Panel presented at the DFG-Fapesp Research Project Workshop).
  • Jorge Jr., M. H. (2021). Technology as a Two-Edged Sword: Corruption and Anticorruption in Brazil (Working Paper presented at ECPR Joint Sessions 2021).
  • Jorge Jr., M. H., Pohlmann, M. (2020): Corruption as a Collective Crime: The case of Brazil and Odebrecht (Working Paper presented at LASA 2020).
  • Jorge Jr., M. H., Trombini, M. E. (2020). Environmental Liability and Organizational Deviance: Evidence from Informal Rules in a Dam Collapse (Paper presented at ECPR, Bulgaria, 2019).
  • Trombini, M.E., Jorge Jr., M. H. (2020). Empirical inquiry on economic criminality - a research agenda and some preliminary findings on Brazil (Working paper presented at the Corporate Crime and Systemic Corruption in Brazil Webinar).

Texts published in online outlets


  • Jorge Jr., M. H. (2019). Veículos autônomos e o tratamento de situações dilemáticas, in: Veículos autônomos e direito penal. Editora Marcial Pons. Translation from: Engländer, Armin. Das selbstfahrende Kraftfahrzeug und die bewältigen dilemmatischer Situationen, ZIS 9/2016.
  • Gleizer, O., Jorge Jr., M. H. (2017). Internal Investigations e o Princípio da não autoincriminação. Belo Horizonte: Editora D´Placido. Translation from Greco/Caracas, Internal Investigations und Selbstbelastungsfreiheit, NStZ 1/2015, p. 7.

Research and Editing

  • Wambier, Luiz Rodrigues, and Talamini, Eduardo. Curso Avançado de Processo Civil, v. 1, 16.ª Ed, São Paulo: RT, 2016.
  • Wambier, Teresa Arruda Alvim, Didier Jr., Fredie, Talamini, Eduardo and Dantas, Bruno. Primeiros Comentários ao Novo Código de Processo Civil: artigo por artigo. ª Ed., São Paulo: RT, 2015.

Conferences and Panels organized and chaired

  • Pohlmann, M., Yuanyuan, L., Jorge Jr., M. H., Trombini, M. E., Mitra, S. (2019). Illegal Party Financing in Comparative Perspective: The Role of Regulation and Self-Regulation at the Max Weber-Institute at Heidelberg University, 20th Sept, 2019.
  • Trombini, M. E., Oliveira, V. E., Neves, P. R., Valarini, E., Mancuso, W., Jorge Jr., M. H. (2021). Corruption Scandals in Brazil: political, judicial and economic elites. Online, IEA-USP.
  • Jorge, Jr., M. H. and Lieblik, R. (2014). A Guide to Legal Research. Workshop Panel at the Wambier & Arruda Alvim Wambier Law Firm in Curitiba.