Kristina Bitsch

Dr. Kristina Höly

Max-Weber-Institut für Soziologie
Universität Heidelberg
Bergheimer Str. 58
69115 Heidelberg

Contact: siehe LSF

Fields of Research Interests

Organizational and Management Sociology, Organizational Deviance

Research Projects


Sociology of Organizations

  • Seminar (Bachelor):
    Wrongdoings in Organizations
    Silence in Organizations
    Organizational Deviance: Useful Illegality in Industry and Medicine, together with Julian Klinkhammer

Methods of Qualitative Social Research

  • Seminar (Master):
    Collective Mindset Analysis
  • Seminar (Bachelor):
    Introduction to Qualitative Social Research
    Selected Methods of Qualitative Social Research - Qualitative Interview and Collective Mindset Analysis
  • Tutorial (Bachelor):
    Methods in Qualitative Social Research, together with Markus Pohlmann

Current Conferences and Academic Lectures

  • "Observing, Bystanding, Tolerating - Explaining Organizational Failure in Dealing with Criminal Offences", together with Markus Pohlmann, held on 09/09/2021, Eurocrim 2021, Bukarest (online)
  • "The Silence of Organizations - How Organizations Cover up Wrongdoings", Organization of the international Academy Conference 9-10/10/2019, Heidelberg, together with Sebastian Starystach (Lecture: "Organizational Silence and Organizational Self-Regulation")


  • Pohlmann, Markus, Kristina Höly and Maria Eugenia Trombini (2021): The German Organ Transplant Scandal - The unwritten rules of organizational wrongdoings, in: Social Science and Medicine.
  • Starystach, Sebastian and Kristina Höly (2021): Silence and Deviance in Organizations, in: Starystach, Sebastian and Kristina Höly (eds.): The Silence of Organizations: How Organizations Cover up Wrongdoings, Heidelberg: heiBOOKS.
  • Höly, Kristina (2018): Auf den Spuren der globalen Finanzelite. Karriereverläufe und Deutungsmuster von Top-Managern im Bankensektor Hongkongs, Wiesbaden: Springer VS.
  • Pohlmann, Markus und Kristina Höly (2017): Manipulationen in der Transplantationsmedizin - Ein Fall von organisationaler Devianz?, in: Kölner Zeitschrift für Soziologie und Sozialpsychologie 69 (2): S. 181-207.
  • Pohlmann, Markus, Kristina Bitsch & Julian Klinkhammer (2016): Personal Gain or Organizational Benefits – How to Explain Active Corruption? In: Peter Graeff, Sebastian Wolf (Hg.), Ethical Challenges of Corrupt Practices: Formal and Informal Conflicts of Norms and Their Moral Ramifications, in: German Law Journal 17(1): S. 73-100.

Curriculum Vitae

  • Postdoctoral Researcher (since 2018), Max-Weber-Institute of Sociology, Heidelberg University
  • Promotion Dr. rer. pol. (2012-2017), Max-Weber-Institute of Sociology, Heidelberg University, Title: “On the Trail of the Global Financial Elite – Career Patterns and Action Orientations of Hong Kong’s Top-Banking Managers”
  • Education Manager (2016-2018), Streit GmbH, Bensheim
  • Academic Employee (2013-2016), Max-Weber-Institute of Sociology, Heidelberg University
  • Master of Arts (2012), Max-Weber-Institute of Sociology, Heidelberg University
  • Bachelor of Arts (2010), Max-Weber-Institute of Sociology, Heidelberg University