Dr. Jan Eckhard

Max-Weber-Institute for Sociology
Heidelberg University
Bergheimer Str. 58
69115 Heidelberg

++49 6221 54 2989



Stauder, Johannes, Ingmar Rapp and Jan Eckhard (Eds.). 2015. Soziale Bedingungen privater Lebensführung. Wiesbaden: Springer.



Jan Eckhard. 2010. Partnerschaftswandel und Geburtenrückgang. Berlin: Suhrkamp.

Fields of interest:

Social indicators, demography, social inclusion and social isolation, sociology of the family


Recent research project:

Determinants of social isolation


Latest Publications

Eckhard, Jan. 2020. Gender Differences in the Social Consequences of Unemployment: How Job Loss Affects the Risk of Becoming Socially Isolated. Work, Employment and Society. Early View. 1-18.

Eckhard, Jan. 2020. Social Isolation as a Consequence of Transitions in Partner Relationships: How Formations and Endings of Partner Relationships Affect the Risk of Social Disconnectedness. Journal of Family Research. Early View. 1-50.

Eckhard, Jan, and Johannes Stauder. 2019. Partner Market Opportunities and Union Formation over the Life Course. Population, Space and Place 25.4: e2178.

Eckhard, Jan. 2018: Does Poverty Increase the Risk of Social Isolation? The Sociological Quarterly 59: 338-359.

Eckhard, Jan 2018. Einsamkeit als Folge von Armut und Marginalisierung. In: Thomas Hax-Schoppenhorst (Ed.): Das Einsamkeits-Buch. Göttingen/Bern: Hogrefe Verlag, Pp. 421-433.

Eckhard, Jan. 2018: Indicators of Social Isolation. Social Indicators Research 139.3: 963-988.

Eckhard, Jan and Johannes Stauder. 2017. Migration and the Partner Market – How Gender-Selective Relocations Affect Regional Mating Chances in Germany. European Journal of Population 34.1: 59-86.


For further publications see: http://katalog.ub.uni-heidelberg.de/profil/131668420



  • Methods of empirical social research
  • Comparative analyses of social structure

Courses (selection)

  • Social inequality and living conditions in international comparison
  • Statistics in economy and social science
  • Inferential and multivariate statistics
  • Sociology of education
  • Personal relationships - structures and change
  • Sociology of the family
  • Migration and Integration
  • Social capital