5-7 Oct 2017: Herrenhäuser Symposium: Bribery, Fraud, Cheating – How to Explain and to Avoid Organizational Wrongdoing

The fight against corruption and malpractice has entered a new phase. In many companies, compliance departments were created over the past two decades and most recently, large hospitals followed suit. National laws and international rules have become more stringent and sanctions more severe. However, large, prestigious companies, clinics, associations, athletes, or political parties still use illegal methods in order to accomplish their goals. Some news magazines primarily focus on revealing those scandals and recording them in a striking manner. Therefore, causes and consequences tend to be neglected in the public debate.

We cordially invite you to this symposium at Herrenhausen Palace, to be attended by an internationally high-profile cast and is dedicated to the subject of “Bribery, Fraud, Cheating – How to Explain and to Avoid Organizational Wrongdoing“.

The Volkswagen Foundation is holding this conference together with the Max Weber Institute for Sociology, headed by Prof. Dr. Markus Pohlmann and Prof. Dr. Gerhard Dannecker (Institute for German, European and International Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure Law), Prof. Dr. Dieter Dölling and Prof. Dr. Dieter Hermann (both from Institute of Criminology) in Hanover. The symposium is a contribution to the explanation of the recent “corruption and manipulation epidemic”, as well as to shedding light on the possibilities of avoiding such cases in the future.

The first session, on 5 October, serves to distinguished organized crime from corporate crime. Other sessions deal with the political turmoil in Brazil and China, triggered by the new phase of the combat against corruption. Top lawyers, prominent prosecutors and judges report their fight against corruption. With Volkswagen, Siemens and Deutsche Bank, Germany, Europe and the USA are also making scandalous contributions to the theme of the symposium. The emissions scandal, the Libor scandal and other cases of corruption and manipulation will be discussed on Friday, 6 October. Top attorneys, former top managers and academics, will be probing cases and discussing ways to prevent similar occurrences in the future.

But it is not only in the economy that corruption goes viral. Sport is also an El Dorado for criminal associations and crime in or by sports organizations. From an inside view of the prosecution in the FIFA corruption affair to the problems of combating money laundry in football and through sports betting, current scandals and their prosecution are discussed. On Saturday, 7 October, the symposium will deal with the manipulations in transplantation medicine and the prevention of corruption in medicine. Finally, leading experts from academia, journalism, NGOs and the judiciary will discuss new ways of preventing crime in or from companies, hospitals, sports associations, etc., which also take into account the dark side of compliance and companies‘ internal investigations.

Programme, registration

Have we piqued your interest? Then you will find here the preliminary programme as well as the access to the registration. The international symposium takes place at Herrenhausen Palace (in Hannover), one of Europe’s most prestigious venues. The catering will be provided by the Volkswagen Foundation. As the number of seats is limited, we ask for your early registration.


We are looking forward to your participation and would be happy to answer your questions by e-mail (herrenhausen.symposium@uni-heidelberg.de) or by telephone (++ 49 (0) 6221 54 22 26).

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