The CSI's main research topics are:

  • Social investment and measuring the social impact of investments on welfare
  • Foundation system, foundation strategies, strategies with a great leverage effect
  • Civil society and social economy
  • Nonprofit leadership and social entrepreneurship
  • Governance in the Third Sector.

We undertake national, international and comparative research projects with special emphasis on the European level.

With its research program the CSI contributes to:

  • the basic theoretical understanding,
  • practice-oriented knowledge in the welfare-oriented sector,
  • political and strategic debates.

In this way, we seek to bring the issue of social investments into scientific debates and disciplines from an interdisciplinary perspective. The main disciplines - we focus on - are social and educational science, economy, law as well as ethics and theology.

In order to support the academic teaching on nonprofit management, we are working to generate a collection of case studies on the above-mentioned topics.




Dr. Gudrun-Christine Schimpf, ISIRC

Verena Schmid, M.A., Reallabor Asyl

Carsten Eggersglüß, Büroleitung, EfYE

Martin Hölz, M.A., Learning from Partners

Dr. Gorgi Krlev, Projekt IndiSi

Alexandra Asimov

Asad Ayub

Ute Bongertz

Thomas Bühler

Antonia Felber

Simon Kaufmann

Imke Maier-Lohmann

Christoph Schätzer

On the following pages you will get an insight into our current and completed research projects.


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