Best Book 2019 Award der Academy of Management’s (AOM) Public and Nonprofit Division

Helmut K. Anheier, Gorgi Krlev & Georg Mildenberger haben für Social Innovation: Comparative Perspectives (Open Access) den “Best Book 2019 Award” der Academy of Management’s (AOM) Public and Nonprofit Division erhalten, der weltweit größten wissenschaftlichen Vereinigung im Bereich Management und Organisation. Hier eine Kurzdarstellung des Buches und ein Auszug aus der Begründung:

“Social Innovation: Comparative Perspectives” investigates socio-economic impact. Since it is hard to establish causality, especially at the level of society, the book narrows down impact to one priority aspect: social innovation – understood as organizations’ capacity to generate novel ideas, ways and means of doing things, of addressing public and social problems of many kinds. The book explores how nonprofit organizations, companies and state agencies compare and work together in producing social innovation.

From the AOM award message: “Social Innovation: Comparative Perspectives covers an important and relevant topic. It clearly outlines methodological approaches for analyzing social innovation, with sufficient detail that other studies could replicate. The book has practical value because it provides guidance to practitioners regarding how they can achieve social innovation in their contexts.”